Is your loved one a senior veteran or the widow/spouse of a veteran?

New Horizons Healthcare can provide up to 80 hours per month of senior care services to qualified senior veterans and their spouses with the assistance of your VA Benefits.

Services can start in as little as 2 weeks and can be in addition to services already in place through other community programs.

The veterans program entitled “Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits” is designed to help veterans and/or their surviving spouses.  The benefit provides financial support needed to replenish income if the applicant has expenses for care.  These expenses can be for in-home care or assisted living care — as long as the person needs and is receiving assistance with at least 2 Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Benefits are available for individuals that require daily assistance to maintain their health, dignity and safety.  There is no requirement that the applicant reside in a care facility — which makes the benefit ideal for applicants who wish to remain at home and get help paying for the care they need.

The Aid & Attendance benefit dates back to the founding of the Republic, and was available in one form or another since the Revolutionary War.

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